MAPS and PATH are person centred planning tools that uses both process and graphic facilitation to create a shared vision of a positive future for individuals, families and their support networks.

These conversational planning processes have become part of the family of person centred-planning approaches that have been adopted and adapted by individuals, families, organisations, and schools around the globe.

MAPS is a planning process for people and organisations that begins with a story – the history. The person’s gifts are named to help achieve dreams. Maps supports strengthening relationships and contributions through focused action steps.

PATH draws on people’s capacities to imagine different futures, and to think backwards from a future possibility and tell productive stories about how that possibility might come to be.  PATH sets out a person’s dreams, frames a positive and possible future and charts a detailed plan of action towards that future.

These planning tools are designed to support and compliment existing services already offered by organisations to individuals and their support circles.

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