Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support is an evidence-based approach with a primary goal of increasing a person’s quality of life outcomes and a secondary goal of decreasing the frequency and severity of behaviours of concern thereby reducing and/or eliminating any restrictive practices that are in place.

Positive Behaviour Support involves intensive support interventions to address harmful or persistent behaviours of concern and includes the development of Functional Behaviour Assessments and Behaviour Support Plans as well as training for carers and others in behaviour management strategies.

Positive Behaviour Support

  • seeks to understand the reasons for behaviour so that unmet needs can be met
  • considers the person as a whole – their life history, physical health, sensory profile and emotional needs
  • is proactive and preventative, focusing on the teaching of new skills to replace behaviours of concern
  • combines perspectives from different professionals

A Behaviour Assessment Report is a comprehensive assessment that generates a formulation on why a person uses or displays behaviours of concern and provides recommendations for increasing quality of life while reducing behaviours of concern. The information in the report informs the development of a Behaviour Support Plan and its implementation.

Behaviour support requires a Behaviour Support Plan to be developed that aims to limit the likelihood of behaviours of concern developing or increasing once identified. This plan outlines the specifically designed positive behavioural support strategies for a person, their family and supports that will achieve the intended outcome of eliminating or reducing behaviours of concern.

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