Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a work-based intervention program designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of all employees and includes services for immediate family members. The aim is to provide preventive and proactive interventions for the early detection, identification and/or resolution of both workplace and personal problems that may adversely affect performance and wellbeing. These problems and issues may include, but are not limited to, relationships, health, trauma, substance abuse, gambling and other addictions, financial problems, depression, anxiety disorders, psychiatric disorders, communication problems  and coping with change.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) program provides confidential and effective solution focused counselling to employees and their families. Counselling with qualified Guidestar professionals can be provided through face-to-face sessions in our Coburg Clinic, via Telehealth or over the phone.

As a NDIS registered provider, Guidestar has a unique understanding of disability, mental health and community based workplaces and the environments in which employees are working, including home and community care, supported independent living, specialist disability accommodation, day programs, disability employment services, justice environments and supported employment services.

The implementation of an EAP program reduces long term business costs by reducing employee turnover, stress-related absenteeism, poor motivation and recruiting and re-training costs.

EAP Employee Benefits:

  • Increased health & wellbeing
  • More effective management skills
  • Feel valued & appreciated
  • Improved morale & motivation


EAP Employer Benefits:

  • Decreased sick days
  • Increased team performance
  • Decrease in staff turnover
  • Loyal, happy & dedicated employees

The EAP can also assist with referral to other support services both provided by Guidestar and other community support organisations if required.

Once your organisation has engaged Guidestar as an EAP provider, each employee can access a number of pre-determined free sessions per year. We provide brochures and flyers that you can give to your employees so they can find out more information.


If you’d like to speak to us about setting up an EAP service agreement for your business or workplace, please contact us on (03) 9994 3345.

For more information, download our Information Flyer.

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