Clinical Supervision

Supervision for Psychologists, Community Psychologists, Disability and Mental Health Professionals

Professional Supervision is the process of consulting with another professional with the same or similar qualification as your own, in order to reflect on and receive guidance and support for your work. Supervision is an important strategy for clinical effectiveness. Professional supervision also enhances self-care, prevents burnout and provides continuing professional development.

Senior clinicians at Guidestar are qualified to provide professional supervision for Psychologists, Specialist Support Coordinators, Disability Professionals and Mental Health Professionals. We also have Advanced practitioners that can support individuals to work through the requirements of the NDIS Positive Behaviour Support Capability Framework.  Our team can provide supervision for therapists working in a variety of settings, particularly those working with clients with complex support needs and individuals that show behaviours of concern.

Guidestar has Psychology Board Approved Supervisors with experience:

  • Providing direct clinical services to a diversity of clients in government, non-government and private practice organisations
  • Providing professional supervision to human services personnel and allied health professionals employed in a wide range of work settings
  • Team leadership and management of multidisciplinary teams
  • Service development and evaluation
  • Executive coaching for managers and team leaders

We can also provide supervision for Community Psychology registrars.

For more information, download our Information Flyer.

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