Organisational Support

Guidestar provides support and consultation services to community, health and human services organisations. We bring many years of expertise in the public and private sector, in large and small organisations, in work-place teams as well as in management and leadership positions.

Practice Leadership

Practice leadership or Practice Coaching ensures high quality person-centred supports that improve quality of life by assisting support teams and their team leaders to provide the right kind of supports. We work alongside staff teams and individuals to provide mentoring, training and support in implementing practice standards to improve client care. This involves:

  • Developing a safe space for reflective practice
  • Developing self-awareness, self-regulation, self-management, professionalism and self-development
  • Team building
  • Ensuring client and staff safety
  • Identifying opportunities for change, applying knowledge and evidence and evaluating impact and outcomes

Practice leaders can act as a key cultural change agent within services, maintaining cultural values and turning theory into practice to support staff to consistently implement what they have learned.

Guidestar can also provide support for organisations managing complex environments and provide strategic and business planning, policy development, risk management and change management.

Organisation Consulting & Service Development

Guidestar work with organisations who are managing complex environments and sector reform, and provide strategic and business planning, tender development, policy development, risk management and change management.

For more information, download our Information Flyer.

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