The Guidestar Story

‘Services developed and delivered with passion and care’

Guidestar provides dynamic and creative ways for children, young people, adults and families to make positive change and achieve fulfilling lives. We provide support services, therapy and assessment for a range of different client groups, with a special focus on individuals who present with significant and complex issues, including people with disability and mental health issues and people who are neurodivergent. We also provide tailored training and e-learning to individuals, families and organisations within the health and community services sectors.

Guidestar™ (under Guidestar Life Pty Ltd) is a leading provider of services for people in Victoria, with a focus on working with people with disability and mental ill health, people who are neurodivergent, people with dual disability and people seeking psychological services. We also work with family members, carers and supporters.

Our experienced clinical practice and consultancy team work together with individuals, families and organisations within health and community services and are committed to creating strong, collaborative relationships that foster positive outcomes for people.

Our clinicians work within the principles of trauma-informed practice and apply them.  Trauma-informed practice is a strengths-based framework grounded in an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma, that emphasises physical, psychological, and emotional safety for both providers and survivors, and that creates opportunities for survivors to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment.

Guidestar has adopted a trauma-informed approach to provide a framework of practice for our workforce, to demonstrate leadership and to foster a positive organisational culture based around safety, values, collaboration and reflective practice.

Guidestar embraces social justice principles and works within the social model of health and health promotion frameworks which inform and guide our approach and service provision. We strive to positively influence health and wellbeing through collaborations and partnerships with individuals and families as well as a wide range of sectors and communities, adopting a variety of interventions and capacity building strategies that lead to empowerment through counselling, support, recovery, and economic and social participation. We understand that each person’s circumstances and background is unique and requires individualised attention. We appreciate that issues such as disability, mental ill health, alcohol, drugs, homelessness, contact with the justice system and family violence can have an impact on families and children, and our qualified staff work with the individual and their support networks to foster independence and positive outcomes.

Diagram timeline of Guidestar Events. Our History 2017 GUIDESTAR COMMENCES Helen started the business with 25 years’ experience working for government & non-government disability & community services. Our first office is in Preston. NDIS PROVIDER Guidestar becomes a NDIS Registered provider. 2018 CLINIC EXPANSION Guidestar moves offices twice in Preston due to growth & expansion. Clinic established. 2019 MOVE TO ALPHINGTON Guidestar moves to Alphington due to further growth & expansion. 2021 B-CORPORATION Guidestar becomes an accredited B-Corporation having met the highest standards of environmental, social & community performance. 2022 TELSTRA BEST OF BUSINESS Guidestar wins the Telstra Best of Business Award (Vic) for building communities. MOVE TO COBURG Guidestar moves to a larger premises in Coburg. PARTNERSHIPS Partnerships established with Kiribati School for Children with Disability & Moondani Balluk (Victoria University). 2023 REBRANDING Guidestar rebranded. RECONCILIATION ACTION PLAN (RAP) Guidestar’s Reflect RAP developed & endorsed. CLIENT ADVISORY GROUP Guidestar’s Client Advisory Group commences. ELEARNING PLATFORM Guidestar eLearning platform launched. RAINBOW TICK Guidestar achieves Rainbow Tick accreditation.

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